Do you have a special collection of stones and minerals and do you want to show it to a large audience?
Would you like to discuss the profession with colleagues and would you like to share your experiences in your quest for minerals?
Or do you make unique jewelry that you would like to sell to a large audience?

There are many more different reasons why you could participate in the International Mineral Fair.
But most importantly: do you sell products that are related to this show? Then we would like to meet you as an exhibitor!

∝ Create brand awareness
Enjoy free publication on this website on the exhibitor page.

∝ Potential customers on a silver platter
If you make sure you are ready, we will bring the visitors to you!
We advertise a lot and are active on our social media channels.

∝ Network
Meet people from the business! It’s not only fun, but also very useful for your own network and purchasing and sales!

∝ Possibility to give a workshop
Would you like to share your knowledge with a large audience? Every edition there is the possibility to give a lecture or workshop!


Below you will find an overview of possible options and rates for the International Mineral Fair.
The prices below are exclusive of 21% VAT. If your choice is not listed here, please feel free to contact us!

Rates include two participant cards per stand and soft lighting, but is excluding an electricity connection.

StandPrice (2023)
Trade stand 3m
(incl. soft lighting, shelves and roof)
€ 160,-
Own stand construction with a minimum space of 6m2 (3m x 2m)€ 30,- per m2
Extra m2 next to stand € 50,- per m2
Extra options:
Electricity connection 3000 watt€ 90,-
Electricity connection 1000 watt€ 45,-
Table 160x80 cm€15,-
Extra participant card€10,-

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